Thursday, August 16, 2012

Having Fun It Is Part Of Why We Teach

I am a strong supporter of having fun and humor infused into a class room setting, but it does depend a lot on the kind of learning environment or classroom that the teacher is involved in. Military boot camp is a learning environment, and I suppose some might think of it as fun, but maybe not as fun as a high school art class or kindergarten. The personalities of the teacher and students are also a huge factor as not everyone enjoys the same things, but in general I feel fun increases the effectiveness of teaching.

I separate fun into two different areas, intangible factors such as the subject matter, personality of the teacher, and classroom setting. The other area would be more tangible factors such as entertaining technology, games, and humorous or creative lessons. I have used a variety of online games and simulation programs in my class, and some fun or humorous topics such as UFO’s, and Bigfoot to add humor to my computer assignments.

A fun learning environment I believe is brought to the modern classroom with technology. Students today are digital natives, and not only enjoy but expect some fun technological learning environments.
So the school year is about to begin, so let’s start having fun.

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